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Alan Brody is the Smoke Whisperer - he can tell you why you smoke and how to quit. Catch his interviews or read the sample profiles. Invite him to speak to your group - rated as one of the most fascinating conversations you will ever have!

This is what everyone wants to know, so here goes......

Is Smoking Really Irrational?

Why do you keep smoking - even though you know everything there is to know about its dangers?

The simple answer is - in your mind, you are getting more psychic empowerment - basically, magic - than the potential for physical harm.

What if you lost that belief? What if you overcame it? Your need to smoke would melt away. You would return to your real self, the unSmoker.

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Radio Interview with the Author

About the Author
Alan Brody is a former columnist with Advertising Age Creativity and ADWEEK's MC. He is a technology marketing consultant and a student of Ernest Dichter, the pioneer in the field of Motivational - Psychoanalytic - Research.

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1. Split the physial and psychogoicl addiction 
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3. How to switch your mental view of smoking


New Interview on the Mancow Show

Listen to the discussion on the smoking chimp
who outlived his cohort by 10 years! The trick to
quitting is understanding what it does for you and
then taking it to another place.
Listen to Alan's interview on L.A. TalkRadio
Episode 1 - Episode 2
Read a summary of Alan's interview on the
Dr. Stan Frager Show on WGTR

What does smoking have to do with President Obama, Britney Spears and the Emmy-Award-winning "Mad Men?" Has smoking been reduced only to be overtaken by prescription drugs like Ridalin and Prozac - in effect, recasting smoking as a little understood form of self-medication. These were some of the issues discussed on:

Fireworks and Insight on the Dr. Stan Frager Show!
Hear about the "Cigarette Brand Dictionary"
why eCigs will change everything and why
smoking was the "poor man's" Ridalin, Prozac or Viagra

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Why People Call Alan Brody "The Smoke Whisperer"

The reason you smoke today is because of a bond you secretly made with your cigarette brand as a teen.

But it's only a secret to you. The Tobacco Companies figured this out a long time ago.  Once you understand how it works - you can quit!


eCigarettes - whether you're for them or against them - here's why people say it helps them quit, or at least cut down. [Read the blog]

We think this is so useful we are giving away a free introductory kit - equivalent of 1 1/2 - 2 packs of cigarettes.

Unlike the patch, e-Cigarettes start the process of quitting without you having to be committed to cessation. It is arguably safer than a cigarette and could offer immediate lifestyle improvements: e.g. you'll stop smelling like tobacco.....


Need proof? Here is the back cover from book of the man who helped Marlboro develop their world famous pack.  He was so proud of what they discovered, he wrote a book about it - with Philip Morris' blessing! You won't see that around anymore because back then they thought they were helping people. But today, that book could get them into trouble.  How did the Tobacco Companies really know when they built their brands - and what does that mean to you?

We show the research they actually did and how today's MRI research on the brain shows what they knew and how it works.

People with disabled insulas quit almost immediately.*

How do we explain this? Isn't Smoking about addiction?
According to tobacco industry research, addiction is really a byproduct, the real attraction is psychic benefit.

The best way to quit is to go back to the reasons you started.....and unSmoke - get behind the relationship and transition it..... That's where the brand knowledge comes in!

Alan Brody, an advertising industry consultant and former colmunist with Advertising Age and ADWEEK publications, has authored the only book that really digs into the smoking phenomonon from the point of view of customer motivation - and what the tobacco industry discovered about it. By not taking sides and reaching out to the industry figures and sources behind the brands and campaigns, he tells a very different story from the usual "religious" grandstanding of the industtry and its critics.

Most Important - it is now backed by science and it can help you quit.  And, when you quit this way, you are almost guaranteed never to go back.

How it all started: Since 1922, with the help of E.L. Bernays, a pioneering PR agent and Sigmund Freud's nephew in America, the tobacco industry has been using psychoanalytic techniques to develop cigarette brands, advertising and most of all, strategies to make you start as a teen.

When you understand why you started, and most of all, how you accepted smoking into your life, you understand how to quit. The secret is that smokers develop powerful psychic bonds with their brands - something akin to a religious communion. When you break the bond, you break the desire to smoke and the physical addiction can be relatively easy to overcome - but you need a little help.

Your brand choices are the key. They are a code to your unconscious, and once you know how they work, it is the surest way to develop a successful permanent quitting strategy.

In fact, we don't call it quitting - which sounds like a stepping into the abyss - we call it "unSmoking" because you are rolling back the experiences that led you to smoking in the first place.

You can still use patches and gums and so on, but that merely deals with the physical side of smoking and smokers who only quit physically are as much as 80% likely to resume. The emotional connection is much more important and smokers who have broken their emotional tie are far less likely to be recidivists. In brain-impaired quitters there appears to be zero interest in returning to cigarettes.

*"Brain Injury Disrupts Smoking Addiction" in Science, Jan. 2007

Conversations with Alan Brody


Listen to Interviews with Alan Brody  on Good News Broadcast

Read the interactive conversations on


Smoking and the Brain - Why It's not About Addiction

Smoking and the Da Vinci Code - The Religious Angle

Smoking and the Workplace

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About the Author

You Are What You Smoke

What You Smoke Is How You Quit

The Brands you started with, changed to or just won't touch, define your smoking personality. By changing your smoking personality, you can quit. And quit for good.

The biggest advantage of Inner Quitting through the unSmoking technique, is that once your cigarette attraction is demystified, there is very little chance of going back.

The Cigarette Code

Starting with Camel in 1917, Lucky Strike in 1922 and Marlboro in 1950, tobacco companies spent millions in psychological in reaserch to uncover the right brand images and uncover the meaning in smokers lives.

The Marlboro "Medal" - what did $200,000 of research teach Philip Morris about the Marlboro Brand, the fighting spirit and its impact on smokers.
The Camel - thanks to the French it became identified as a phallic brand.....why is it now becoming popular with women?
Winston - why do women avoid this "man's" brand while but not Marlboro?
Viriginia Slims - what makes this brand so liberated?
Kool, Salem, Newports - what do menthols tell us about the smoker?

How the Seduction Works

Excerpts from the Psychological research that made cigarettes desirable to you:

About the Industry's Defining Researchers
Ernest Dichter: "The Hidden Persuader"
Louis Cheskin: "Color & Shapes"
A.A. Brill: "Torch of Liberation"
Pierre Martineau: "Exploiting Self-Destructiveness."
What Your Brand Profile Says About You

Read from our many case studies of brand profiels and how they help smokers quit.
Smoker's Brand Profiles